Have you ever noticed that all religions, at least those I’m aware of, start with the foundation that we come from the divine? That’s the very first premise. The primary premise. If we all come from the divine, wouldn’t it make sense that we are, at our core, divine ourselves? 

Would you be willing to come with me on a divine exercise?

Just close your eyes. Imagine someone you love. Now, see a bright, radiating light within them. That’s their divine, loving self. Next, can you see the energetic cord that’s between the two of you? It’s usually pink in color.  Feel the divine love flow between you. Now, look within yourself. See your inner light? That’s your divine inner light and you are mindfully choosing to share that divine light with the one you love. Feel the love flowing between you. Congratulations! You’ve just connected with your divine self. You can connect with your divine self anytime you choose to.  It’s always there, just waiting to be accessed and shared.  

Love is about the only energy that grows when shared.

And, the more you give, the more you receive. As long as you give without expectations. When you have expectations, that becomes conditional and controlling love rather than the divine, unconditional love that’s so intrinsic to our true, divine self. Conditional love is from the ego.  

Remember, all creatures are of the divine and everyone is in this plane of existence for a reason – to grow into their most divine aspect. We do this by treating each encounter as holy, an opportunity from our Creator to learn from the experience. So, whenever you encounter someone you feel unable to connect and accept as themselves or love them, it’s actually an opportunity to learn what’s inside you that prevents you from that loving connection. Chances are, it’s from old, egoic defenses defending wounds you haven’t worked though/ learned from yet. 

This lifetime – and you can rarely be sure what burdens the other person is carrying. You can just choose to connect with your divine self and practice loving kindness. First with yourself, and then once you have it, feel it, share with the person you encounter. 

You always carry that divine love within you. You can cover it up with muck and hide it from yourself and others, yet you can’t hide it from our Creator. You are just believing your own lies of the ego if you deny your true self. So, make a practice of mindfully, with full intention and integrity, connect with your wonderful, divine true self and watch your connection with others and our Creator grow. You’ll live a happier, more loving life!

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