One of the things I have learned through observing my and other’s lives, is that feeding the ego starves the soul. Feeding the ego literally “eases God out”, shoves aside our spirit to accommodate our fears and our materialistic society. I do love my cozy home and car, and at the same time, do I need that promotion so I can escape myself and go on a trip? Get married to prove someone loves me? Have children so I can prove I’m a better parent and upbringing than I had?

When we do things to prove our success and worth to others, we often lose connection with our true self, and miss out on the opportunity to pursue our own path to spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment. We are focusing on the outer rather than our inner, our soul, and our soul starves. Like a flame without oxygen and fuel, our inner flame dies out to become just an ember. At this point, our soul – our flame- no longer feeding us and our passion, our joy and connection with the divine.

This is often the time when we feel empty and buy, do an activity to avoid the emptiness. We try and fill the void with the things without true substance, and so we still feel empty.

Yet, when we stop, take the time and go within, we can rediscover our connection with our Source. When we take the time to wake up and stop looking at the world as how it can satisfy and make us comfortable, safe, and we start focusing on looking and connecting inward, we also start to connect with others and look for how we can be of service to others. After all, we are all connected energetically and spiritually – we are all children of Source.

Yet, remember to have balance. If you focus only on helping others, chances are, you are avoiding your own soul, and therefore, in this dualistic world, are feeding your ego by giving yourself a pat on the back for being so giving to others.

So, one of the ways to stop feeding the ego, is to start feeding your soul. Start finding ways to be helpful to others while being connected within and to the divine. Take time to be with your soul by meditating, spending time in nature, journaling. Your soul is yours, to grow or starve. The choice is, as always, yours.