Letting Go

This year most of my clients haven’t felt a need to set resolutions. Instead, we are looking more at what we are letting go of, leaving something in the past in the past. And looking at how we want to grow this year, perhaps what path, value or focus we are choosing to have this year.

What we leave in the past could be a relationship, a perception, a fear, or even a limited belief. It can be anything! A client chose to leave behind her anger with her ex. Another chose to let go of her fear of speaking up and the belief that not speaking up will keep her safe. What do you want to leave behind this year? You can choose to let go of something or someone anytime you want.

Then, as there is a void, an empty space, fill it with what you do want, how you want to grow or what you would like to focus on for self-development towards being whole, body, mind, emotions and spirit – connected with Source. Choose what you want before the space is filled up with an old habit or way of being, thinking. Choose your path mindfully – and what is going to get you to your destination. Ultimately, we are all learning to be closer to Source. What’s going to get you there?

Meditation & Journaling to Be Your Best Self

Meditation and journaling to discover what is holding you back is helpful. It it also helpful for identifying what you want to focus on or how you want to grow this year, discovering what your next steps are towards self-actualization and being your best self.

Here is a process that may get you started.

  • Get out your journal.
  • Seat yourself with your spine straight and your feet on the floor. Having your spine straight helps your energy flow, and having your feet planted on the floor helps to ground you and your energy.
  • At the top of your journal, write “What can I leave behind that no longer serves me?”
  • Close your eyes, visualizing a blue bubble of protection around you. Nothing negative, no energy that is not for your higher good can get in. Focus on your deep breathing and listen for the guidance without judgement. You might be surprised at the results! When you are done, write your new knowing in your journal along with any feelings, thoughts and impressions.

You can repeat this process for gaining guidance on what to focus on this year, and possibly the steps that will get you there. Writing your results in your journal lets your conscious and subconscious mind integrate and take it in, and then your subconscious can help guide your consciousness to keep on track. You will also have a record of what you are focusing on and what you are letting go of. It is also helpful to put up notes as reminders of your guidance and choices.

Let this be a great start to your new year of growth