We all know that what we think determines how we experience life. And, it can’t be said often enough.
You get to choose how you think, and so, choose how you live and experience life. Add the Law of Attraction
to that – and you have a winner to attract a dream life of happiness and love.

When you mindfully practice having positive thoughts and so have a positive attitude, you can actually re-wire
your brain for happiness. Science has proven that even old dogs can learn new tricks because of Neuroplasticity. The more we practice something new, the more likely we are able to change, transform our
brain’s wiring to have those new programs.

Having an attitude of gratitude is a great start. I often give homework to my clients, and one of those is to say,
with feeling, three things you are grateful for before you even get out of bed. Recalling before going to sleep
what you are grateful for also primes the subconscious mind to go over and over it while you sleep – creating
that new pattern of positiveness through gratitude.

Some other ideas to increase happiness and positive thinking include:

  1. Reframe your thoughts & experiences – like seeing a setback as an opportunity to learn or help others.
  2. Have positive and loving self talk – most of us have an inner critic that says things to ourselves that we would
    never say to others.
  3. Meditate – quiet your mind and acknowledge your thoughts through meditation and prayer which actually
    positively changes the way your brain works!
  4. Be in the present moment – being in the moment allows you to stop dragging your past into your present and
    future; avoiding living in the future allows you to enjoy what’s actually going on in the moment, and enjoy
  5. Do something nice – like getting a co-worker coffee when they don’t expect it!
  6. Be authentic – living from your divine love, your heart and in truth gives you more energy and releases fear
    of living up to other’s judgements. Their judgements are about them, and your are about you – just let them
    go, the Creator loves you just as you are and you are unique, a divine expression of divine love!
  7. Spend time with loved ones – no one transitions and wishes they worked more or had more money – they
    want to be with their loved ones.
  8. Spend time outside – let go of your tech and experience divine nature and be refreshed.
  9. SMILE! – a smile changes your chemistry and brain wiring so do more of it.
    Happiness, like sadness, is contagious. What we focus on expands and grows and we get more of that – so
    focus on happiness!

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