Let’s Reduce Anxiety

We are entering a season where expectations get high. From family and friends to activities at
work and big events.

So I thought I would share with you some tips for lowering your anxiety.

  1. Focus on things you can control and accept the fact that you can’t control everything.
  2. Keep the big picture in mind. How you feel and connect with others with love is really the big picture.
  3. Find what triggers your anxiety – keep a journal and look for patterns.
  4. Let yourself connect with your higher self, our Source, and let inner wisdom and your heart guide you.
  5. Indulge in some time off from being online. Get some fresh air and take breaks.
  6. Try some new relaxation techniques that promote a sense of peace, calm and centeredness, like yoga or meditation.
  7. In fact, engage in creative, spiritual, and/or physical activities.
  8. Set healthy boundaries and strengthen your self-care.
  9. Do and be your best AT THAT MOMENT – no one can ask for more.
  10. Keep a positive state of mind with affirmations, carry them with you if need be. Actually visualize them occurring.
  11. Look at what’s happening IN THE MOMENT from an observer perspective.
  12. Breathe and love.

Anchor in the Feeling of Love and Safety

We have free will to think, act and feel the way we choose. Sometimes it helps to anchor in the
feeling of love and safety that comes when we are connected with the divine, our Source. We can
choose in each moment to be loving and calm, it just takes practice.

We can also say no to things and activities that are not in alignment with our being – even if it’s with family, and let them know your needs. If someone doesn’t know there’s an issue, they can’t do their best to
solve it, and you are setting them and yourself up for sabotage. If something is tried and fails,
it’s just a learning experience so you can try something different next time.

You can also let people know and support your new ways of being and solutions. You are not
alone. Chances are, if you are having an issue, so are others and just not letting people know. We
often are taught as children to not rock the boat and to earn other’s love and have peace by
being inauthentic to who we really are. And, we are love. We are all connected though the love
that is our Source. And, as we are all connected, what we do ripples throughout the universe. So
if we are anxious, that grows, if we are love, that grows too.

I hope these tips are helpful. Remember, it is always a season for loving and sharing that love.
And, do it fearlessly.

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