According to A Course in Miracles, we have holy encounters
all the time. In fact, each encounter, even with ourself is holy. When the
encounter is positive, no problem. Yet, what about the times our buttons
are pushed, we’re frustrated, angry, grieving or any other
negative emotion? Can we see these encounters from a more
divine or higher point of view? I think it just takes practice, love,
acceptance and gratitude.

breathing man
Breathe, be present, embrace positive emotions.

First, allow yourself to breathe and be present. To really acknowledge the
emotions that are triggered in the encounter.

Suppression just makes things worse. So be authentic with yourself and acknowledge the emotion. You want authenticity? It starts with you even when it’s unpleasant to feel and accept it. Science has also shown that
acknowledging our negative emotions actually lead to more positive
feelings. I think this is because energy is not being wasted suppressing
emotions and as we acknowledge them, they are often released, leaving
room and energy for the positive emotions we want. Being authentic and
accepting all our emotions is also a way to love and feel love for ourself.
After acknowledging the emotion, breathe again. Breathe in the emotion,
take a step back and observe what is really happening in that holy
encounter. Be present in the moment and really experience what’s
happening. See this person/situation as a teacher or lesson. What can you
learn from this teacher or lesson? What are they here to show you? The
Creator always has your back, so there is a positive reason for having this
growth encounter.

Look at your thoughts and assumptions. How have your thoughts and
assumptions helped create this situation? Check out the assumptions and
stories you tell yourself. Is there a pattern to your encounters?

If so, write them down and discover where in the pattern you can create a more loving, healthy script.

How are your actions and reactions contributing to the negativity of the

Are you telling yourself you should do or feel a certain way?
Or that has always been this way so nothing is going to
change. If so, so be it! You just created it. Our words and thoughts
have power.

It’s always a warning sign if you tell yourself it’s everybody else
who’s at fault. Try using the idea of taking responsibility as we are all connected. Then, let go of it being anyone’s fault and just keep the lessons you’ve learned and take action on them. Otherwise, I find, you’ll get another opportunity to show you’ve learned the lesson.

Remember, every encounter is holy and contains a loving lesson to be
learned. The Creator sends them into our life to deliver the lessons we
need most at that time in our life. So, let’s be grateful for these honey
encounters, especially the ones we can learn the most from and see them
as a blessing from the Divine.

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