We have all heard of the benefits of meditation – how it can bring peace and relaxation to anxious, racing, busy minds. By now, you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions/goals. How are they coming? Chances are, you are, like most of us, already having difficulty keeping the path you envisioned. 

Meditation helps us to choose to “catch” our thoughts, the thoughts that help, and those that hinder us in our growth, becoming the best we can be. When we meditate, we can recognize the thoughts we want to keep – and the ones which hold us back. We get to know our own thoughts as separate from our Self. As we do, our thoughts, when recognized, start to slow down, the frantic essence starts to calm as the conscious and subconscious is now being heard and recognized. We start to be able to let go of our preconceived selves, the identity we have chosen. At the same time, there starts to be a pause between the thoughts.  

That pause is what we are looking for. The pause is a powerful place to start living in the moment and knowing our true, Divine Self, even if briefly. We start to feel “good” – giving ourselves permission to relax both physically and from our programmed thoughts. We discover who we truly are, we discover our Divine Self – the self that is free from all attachments. We feel freedom perhaps for the first time from our imprinted programs in our biocomputer. The thoughts that our caretakers, parents, teachers and society, among others, told us would make us successful, survive and fit in. Here, within the pause, we learn there is more to life than that – that we are more than that. 

For that inner peace is a path to our true Self, and leads to outer peace – which expands into increased kindness and compassion to ourselves and others. Then, others can find peace and refuge, security and acceptance with us, and start building their own. For we are all connected, so what happens with one of us, happens on some level with all. Our interactions change, bringing heaven onto earth.  

Each moment, starting from that internal pause between thoughts becomes a micro-meditation, which becomes a mini-meditation and grows into a mindful, walking meditation gently flowing through our day, in every holy encounter. This inner and outer peace is self-created and is always a choice with each waking moment. And, with each choice, each moment of inner and outer peace and love, this choice of connection with our Divine Self and peace becomes a muscle memory, easier and easier to get to, more and more quickly. 

Depression and anxiety, rushing around trying to accomplish something we wont remember 5 years from now is not inevitable. We have a choice, power, over our own thoughts and where they lead with meditation and making those pauses a part of our life. If we can find our Divine Self,  peace and love in meditation, we can find them anywhere, anytime with muscle memory. We can have deeper connection with our Divine Self more and more, each moment we choose to. 

As we are all connected, as I deepen my connection with my Self, you can also if you choose, as we are all connected. As my peace becomes your peace if you allow, this can grow, expand to help our world know peace and love – heaven on earth.

Quote of the Month 
“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.”

Jonathan Huie