Every New Year we tend to say to ourselves “This year is going to be different” and we make resolutions to create the life we want. And, usually, three months later realize we are right back to our old self. Nothing is different, and perhaps worse.

We now realize that most of us have a lack mentality. I believe this stems from the belief that we are separate from our Source. This belief starts young, and is in our DNA, and is usually reinforced by our parents and society. It starts with the “terrible twos” when we realize that when mommy is in the other room, we are our own individual being and start to say “no,” and develop the thought “I have free will and I’m separate from you.” And then, also start the apparent separation from Source. We then spend the rest of our lives doing our best to reconnect with Source, all the while having the subconscious limiting belief of separation.

We also, therefore, hold onto the belief that we are making our own choices and acting from free will, our divine right. Yet, the combination of our genetics and inner programming, our subconscious thoughts and negative self talk keep us from our abundance. We still create, yet create from a foundation of lack and separation rather than connection with Source and abundance. We are asleep at the wheel, driving through life on autopilot and drive around in a circle, just thinking the same thoughts, creating the same experiences and, digging the hole deeper with every rotation, every reaction out of a programmed script.
And, even if we consciously want to create something new, our subconscious still is in the old script, and creates the same old life. To actually use our free will and make conscious choices, we can slow down, take a breath and develop the commitment to take action, regardless of how we think we feel. Yes, how we THINK we feel. Most of my clients come to me not even really knowing how they feel, they “think” their feelings. Our feelings can be a guidepost, yet when we are “thinking” our feelings, they are just scripts, not guidance from the divine- or even guidance from our True Self/Highest Self. We know we do this with statements like “I feel that you make me angry”. That statement is a thought that we “should” be feeling a certain way according to our inner scripts. Ignore the script! Stop listening to that demanding voice inside. Use your free will and make choices for your highest good. Just start doing the thing you feel uncomfortable doing! It’s usually the thought about the action that’s fear based, and is based on the fantasy of what the future might be like determined on your inner programming, and that is usually from a foundation of separation and lack.

Perhaps this seems obvious, yet knowing you have the ability to use your free will to choose to do what you want, regardless of how you think you feel can be tremendously liberating. You can also use your free will to consciously choose to connect with your heart center and really feel the energy and emotions to guide you. Remember, there is a difference between thinking the emotion and feeling it. We all can develop the ability to pause, and choose to acknowledge the beliefs that hold us back from our greatness, and then use our free will to connect with our heart, Source to make those changes we want, do the actions that will best serve all those involved and act on them despite our inner programming. This then becomes a new habit more and more, creating a life of inner peace and love.

Have a blessed New Year!

Quote of the month:

“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.”

-Jonathan Huie