This season, the season of Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate, is about creating Heaven on Earth. It’s the idea of experiencing a spiritual life here and now, in this moment. Loving and accepting each other as children of the Divine, each as an aspect of the Divine, all of us connected. Loving and accepting our Self and the Self of others as an aspect of the Divine. Yet, we are taught as children to let go of who we are and to get off our path, forget why we are here and what we are here to accomplish – all to be materialistically successful and please our parents and other authority figures other than Source.

Later, when we feel dead inside, lost or disconnected with ourselves and others, we may look for answers. We want instant gratification – we want a “fast track” to enlightenment, yet enlightenment is a hero’s journey and takes work, desire and vigilance. And, the work starts with loving, accepting and forgiving our Self, creating Heaven on the inside, and we become a light in the world. Automatically, as we love, accept, and forgive our Self even with our mistakes, and learn from them, we are able to love, accept, and forgive others for where they are in their hero’s journey to enlightenment. That’s when we are “in-light-in-moment”. And that light and love becomes mirrored in the world – as we have love and acceptance, forgiveness for ourself, we are able to give to others, and then that’s what we get back – love, acceptance and forgiveness, bringing and experiencing Heaven here on Earth with all our brothers and sisters.

We are all one, and as we grow spiritually as a connected whole, we grow closer and closer to enlightenment. Because enlightenment is not an event, it is a journey. We first take this journey within ourselves, then with our family, our community, and the love, acceptance and forgiveness grows and grows as we gain peace on earth, heading towards Heaven on Earth.

So remember, this moment is another opportunity for us to experience Heaven here on Earth, and if you miss the mark today, tomorrow is another opportunity to be loving, accepting and forgiving of your Self and others – just one day at a time.

Have a blessed holiday!

Quote of the month:

“Blessed is the season

which engages the whole world

in a conspiracy of love.” 

Hamilton Wright Mabie