We tend to talk about the fact that we are all connected, we are all children of Source, our Creator. So, on some level, we are aware that separation is an illusion. What stops us from really internalizing this is our own egoic fear and living in this physical plane of existence.

We all develop an ego early in our lives as a way of physically surviving in this plane of existence. This in turn affects the mind, then the emotions, and then the spirit. The ego is not inherently bad. It’s just that over time, the programs that get rooted into our ego become stronger as they are repeated and/or are from an extreme emotional state. When these programs are rooted in fear, and reinforced over and over, they can become a reaction, stopping us from using our free will and choosing who we want to be in the moment – we are literally in reaction to a past event and not in the present moment. These programs written from fear tend to reinforce the belief of separation. But, this separation is an illusion, we just forget and lose conscious connection with each other, we lose connection with our true Self.

This process usually starts in infancy when parents are gods, and we need/want to please them to survive and earn their love, then come the “terrible twos” when toddlers learn they are not one physically with their
parents, the idea of separation starts to occur, the same time as the word “no” comes into their vocabulary. Before then, we are one with All, including their parents, the god-like figures they physically live with. We learn to suppress who they are and our desires, our goals by the actions and words of the parents, and later school, society. We are told such things as “don’t cry,”​ “don’t get_____ with me,” and “good girl/boy”​ as parents try to get them ready to assimilate into society. Our child self starts to pretend to be someone else and gains the beliefs that we are “unworthy,”​ and “unlovable”​ – then we spend the rest of our lives trying to be worthy and lovable by abandoning who we really are.

These patterns are programmed into our subconscious mind and with the ego, a defensive part of ourself, and these aspects of ourselves start to reinforce the programs starting to be made when we were two, and seem to create a loop we get caught up in. We experience becoming ever more separated from ourselves, others and Source. We become sleepwalkers in the story of our life, perhaps even stuck in a certain event. I have a client
who has spent the last 40 years stuck on one fearful and humbling event in their life which they have let control, be the foundation of all other relationships, career, even to their own self hatred and sabotage. After
identifying and working through the limiting beliefs and cycles of reaction they created and becoming aware of the patterns of thoughts that lead to their self-sabotaging behavior and more negative self-talk, they are becoming more awake, joyful and even being a positive contributor to society and guiding others to a more spiritual and self-accepting life. They no longer feel so separate from their true Self, the Creator nor all of us
and see the experience, most times, as a blessing to wake up.

What changed their life was a guide, someone as their witness and accountability partner just to use their breath, take a pause, and observe their thoughts, then check and see if they were really 100% true as a start on their new journey towards connection with All. You too can start to work through the illusion of separateness just by taking a breath, being in the present moment, and allowing the connection with your inner, true Self. The part of you that is most connected with the Creator, the All, and experience the connection of all of us yourself.

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