One of the ways we can support ourselves is to nurture ourselves from
the inside out. Because our whole experience of the world is just a
reflection created from our inner self, our inner perceptions and how we
treat ourselves is how we teach the world to treat us. If we don’t
make ourselves a priority, who will? And, how will we have enough
“juice” or energy to help others or contribute?

So it makes sense to take the time to look within and see how we can
nurture and pay attention, listen to our inner self, take care of ourself
from the inside out. What do you consider to be inner nurturing? For me,
it means to cut out some time for my daily yoga, meditation and
journaling practice. These activities allow me to just be, and gain
connection with Source and Higher Self. I journal my new knowledge
and then consider how I will put into practice what I’ve learned so I
can feel the growth within my Self towards self-actualization.

There are many ways to do inner nurturing work. Consider how you feel
and show love to yourself, you need to be able to do this to give love to
others. You can only give what you already have. How do you show love
for yourself. How do you feel love for yourself?

Here’s some ways to nurture and love yourself:
1) Breath practice and meditation – including yoga
2) Exercise
3) Develop a hobby – try out different things if you don’t already
have one, lifes an adventure!
4) Healthy eating
5) Develope a good bedtime and sleep routine, getting enough sleep
6) Spend time with positive, supportive people
7) Declutter – nothing clears the mind like and shows self-care like
8) Read inspirational books
9) Spend time in nature, connecting with Source
10) Journal your inner thoughts and emotions – get to know and accept
you, changing what no longer serves you.

There is a terrific meditation that you can do to connect with and nourish
your inner self. Briefly – take three deep belly breaths – envision a ball of
loving, healing white light above your crown chakra. Allow the light to
go to your heart chakra. Feel the light, see the light, what color is it?
Now imagine someone you love in front of you, connected by this love
heart to heart. Let the love grow in strength. Now, see you in front of
you, feeling this love connecting heart to heart, and bring it all back into
your heart. Feel the love grow and expand to encompass your whole body.

That’s it! Very easy to do and practice as a way to nurture yourself
from the inside out! Check out my tools page for more information on mindful breathing.