Knowing that this is the month of Mother’s Day has got me thinking and asking “What is it about mothers that makes us so passionate?” By passionate, I mean that of all the relationships in the world, no one triggers us more positively or negatively than our mothers.

We start life inside our mother, often before she is even aware of our arrival. We are dependent on her as our incubator and experience everything she does – that means every event, interaction, emotion – every event in her life ties us ever closer to her. We are literally immersed in the nutritional (hopefully) chemical soup that feeds us. Some even believe we choose our mother before we are conceived biologically as the teacher who we can learn most from and ascend, become self-actualized in this lifetime.

Whatever your beliefs, the relationship between mother and child is STRONG – even if they are not present in our lives. Mothers reflect how we perceive ourselves and they provide nourishment body,mind, and soul. There is a direct energetic and genetic connection that feeds us for good or ill. And science is now proving those connections.

So, is it any wonder that the deep love a mother has from the moment she discovers, and possibly before, that she is pregnant all through her life for her children creates this strong energetic and genetic pattern that can be our greatest safety, calm and peace, and at the same time be a trigger for an explosion?

Some of these explosions occur because moms are human too. They have their own issues, fears, resentments and stressors. They may also find it difficult when devoting their young lives to their children, filling a need to be needed and possibly having a loss of self-identity to enter a role of parent, to be able to perceive at all times that their child is now an adult and treat them as such. Thus, the unasked for advice, opinions, judgements, etc – that often are triggers when you see yourself as an independent adult. You have a different agenda and path in life – and she may UNCONSCIOUSLY be living vicariously through you. Remember, it’s unconscious, so then she’s bewildered or angry, feels abandoned, rejected – the list goes on, because unless we do the work, all of us have wounded inner children within.

Be patient, connect with the compassion and love in your heart. She has issues too. And they often crash with yours. You can work through yours, and then the script, the pattern of interaction is different and she starts changing too. The energy of the relationship also changes, your vibration affects her as much or more than you allow hers to affect you.

If you would like some help resolving your own issues, improving your relationship with your mom, feel free to contact me! In the meantime, have a blessed and wonderful Mother’s Day with possibly the most important person in your life – your mom who loves you!