Along with this realization, I look at the Universal Law of Divine Oneness. This is the divine law that says, “Everything is connected to everything else.” You may have other thoughts about what this law says to you, and I’d like to hear them, just email me! I am going to go with part of my understanding, from my current point of view in the article.

“Everything is connected to everything else,”

I take this to mean that when you have a thought, emotion, or behavior, it is connected to everything else you experience. Science has proven everything is vibration, even your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and these vibrations connect us with them all. These thoughts start very young in childhood and affect us throughout our lives.

When we are born, coming right from the Divine, when we know that we are one with the ALL, our Creator, we do not experience ourselves as separate beings yet. So, all the feelings, thoughts, behaviors and vibrations that your parents have, you have and appear to be. You were a sponge, taking everything in and making it in some way your own.

Your thoughts become your parents’ and those thoughts become the foundational patterns of your thinking, your emotions, and your behavior. And, these foundational vibrational patterns follow you throughout your life. That is unless you make the choice to look at and be aware of the patterns that are dysfunctional and stop you from where you want to go. Then, chose to do something about them.

And, just as you are affected by your parents’ vibrational thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, you affect theirs. In fact, you and everything else is correspondingly affected by, and on, you and everything else. So, you tend to be in a family, and groups of a similar vibration, as we live in a vibrational universe. If you don’t like where you are finding yourself, you can change your vibration and vibrate with a new group; one where you actually feel good about yourself and your choices. One where you feel happy and successful.

Another aspect of how the Universal Law of Divine Oneness works is the idea that as we are one, we are all connected.

It means that how we behave towards others, how we think of and experience others, turns out to be how we treat ourselves. That is why your experience of the world is a direct reflection of your inner world.

So the way you experience yourself and your world is a reflection of your childhood experiences, and how your younger self was able to take in the information, process it (or not), and develop a mode/pattern to help in your survival. Notice I said “survival.” When you are just “surviving,” (and how many of us feel that way), you are not living from and being your divine self. You are on autopilot, just sleepwalking through life…

Wouldn’t you rather FEEL the JOY you are? Start by being aware of your own thought patterns, your own reactive behavior, and emotions. Chances are, even your emotions are really just thoughts because you learned to lock your emotions away. So, now you are surrounded by people and experiences just as dysfunctional as your childhood, even when you don’t acknowledge or can’t consciously remember the energetic vibrational patterns. They are still there. Always. Until you resolve and change them.

As you ARE ONE WITH THE DIVINE UNIVERSE, there are no mistakes. What you experience is what you bring into your life, others are just reflections of – YOU. If you want to know where to grow, just look objectively at your experience of the world, who you hang with, or if you isolate yourself… it’s really all you. Every experience you have is of your vibration, and so, you bring your own lessons, your own holy encounters to yourself. Choose to learn from them, grow from the inside out, and re-experience your world from a different point of view, a different vibrational view… a universal view of Divine Oneness.

Make it a practice to take that holy breath, pause in the stillness within, and become aware of how you are creating your world; become aware of your Oneness with the All, the Universal Divine. Be compassionate and loving with yourself as you go on this inner journey of awareness and divine, inner growth. Make sure to notice the positive changes and experiences, the positive emotions, thoughts, and behaviors you are now having. Have faith in the Oneness of the Divine Universe, of our Creator. You can even choose to have fun in this new venture… the choices are yours!

Love and Light,

Miche Lame’

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