By now, most of us know much of how we act has been programmed into our subconscious mind and we tend to be on ‘auto-pilot’; especially those times when we consciously want to act one way and end up reacting in another, habitual way. Think of it as the conscious mind is like the top of a tooth, and the subconscious the root under the gum that is hidden. The root/subconscious is the foundation of what you show to the world.

Do you know that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality?

How can we get the subconscious to transform into the light we know we can be? Do you know that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality? The subconscious has no sense of past, present or future. Plus, your energy can get stuck, keeping you disempowered until it is recognized and released. You do have the power to connect with your subconscious mind and re-pattern its programming and let go of the stuck energy, releasing energy to be empowered as you will it by being mindful of the thoughts you have and those that you send to the subconscious.

Be mindful of where you may be energetically stuck

Be mindful of where you may be energetically stuck; where that energy keeps pulling you back into your subconscious old patterns and habits. The subconscious takes your thoughts and works them out in its own logical way. Send in thoughts of health, love and plenty, and outcomes health, love and plenty. Same with the negative. So, you can choose to be mindful of your thoughts and re-make them into ones that will really bring you happiness, mentally and materialistically.

Your subconscious mind is connected to All. If you allow and listen to it, it connects with all the knowledge and experience that there is. One way to be open to your subconscious and stuck energy is to meditate. Yes, most of you do, yet are you open to what knowledge you can receive, and where your energy is stuck? The subconscious and your body do not make decisions nor demands. They are totally like a sponge, subjective to what is and they do what they are told or — what is really in your heart that you desire. They are totally yours to command and to soak up the knowledge from, and then consciously you can make your decisions, and choose your action.

When you open yourself up to the All though your subconscious mind, you can transform, becoming the light in the world you want to be as you choose moment by moment, thought by thought, feeling by feeling to be this light, to be directed by the All. If you are having difficulty opening up or being mindful, a great way to easily release these old patterns is through hypnosis and a technique called NET, where the timeless subconscious mind, body, and emotions are contacted and old patterns released. Both are safe and scientifically validated.