All humans are born with the desire to be known and affirmed by another,
to be seen, understood and loved. It is not only a desire, it is a basic
need. There is actually a term, “failure to thrive” given to infants who
fail to grow usually due to the lack of contact with others, like their
parents. We need recognition from others, as well as connection. We also
need recognition and connection from and with our Creator. Overall, even
as infants, we need to know and be recognized by others as embodiments of
our Creator, of love.

Now, as infants we are love. We just are. As we grow, others start putting their own values and experiences on us. From our earliest infancy, we are labeled by others. He’s a brain. She’s just like her mother. We are told who we are as society and even family unconsciously seek to overcome their own patterns from their past and work out their issues though us. Others subconsciously try to recreate their experiences through us, and heal their own childhood wounds. They, and we, forget where we come from and who we are… the same energy of our Creator, of love.

We act like someone we are not to gain the apparent safety of our parent’s love. We start denying who we are to fit into roles defined by others and society in general. We develop a veneer that is what is reflected to us from
them. All children need to have some recognition as a person to grow, it’s
just that we tend to become what we are told we are. And, since we are energy, we also tend to absorb the negative as well as positive attributes. That means that we adopt their fears, insecurities, and perhaps, even their
cruelties and addictions, as well as the separateness they see life as. If
we are able to keep some connection with our true self, we absorb more
positive energies like love, compassion and connection with our Creator
and the divinity in others.

As we grow, so does inner resentment and feelings of loss, feeling lost grows
and we lose our path, going further and further outside of our own selves, our own divinity and connection with our Creator and others. Negativity of
feelings and behavior start to grow and become new patterns, new habits growing like muck hiding our divine self and limiting the ability to see the divine in others. Otherwise, how could the atrocities we are seeing in the world be happening?

As adults on our road to self actualization, we can start practicing seeing the good in others, and see our own divinity reflected in others. As we let that knowing, that divine energy grow and change the way we experience and perceive the world, we start attracting others who are willing to experience this exchange, this recognition, and start connecting. Pockets of connection will grow exponentially, and can eventually have an effect on the world as the energy grows, as the divine love grows and our connection with the Creator becomes deeper, stronger and more intimate. And around and around this goes until the world is transformed and healed, whole.

We need to see ourselves and others as the embodiment of our Creator reflected in our own and others’ eyes as well as connect within our hearts. We are all mirrors of one another and of the same divine energy.

Each of us is filled with divine energy, the spirit of our Creator. So what if
we allow ourselves to see and experience others as embodiments of our Creator, and see ourselves reflected in their eyes as that also? What would the world be like if this connection, this reflection spreads and attracts more of that divinity?