Most of us have had the experience of making terrific, well-intentioned New Year resolutions, only to find that at the end of the year, those resolutions remain unattained. Divine Source/God gave us the ability to feel, connect with our hearts and let our emotions be the guideposts to our path in fulfilling our full potential, becoming actualized beings and fully connecting with Divine Source. To Be the Love, Peace, and Joy we are.

You already have a divine destiny planned for you.

The goal of resolutions we create is usually connected with what we think we have to be happy. Get out of your mind. Meditate and connect with your heart. Let your feelings be your guide. Journaling may be helpful also. A good idea is to start each journal entry with “I feel” and allow yourself to identify an emotion, identifying your personality.

In creating resolutions, when a goal feels positive, gentle and loving, most likely that is a guidepost to inner growth and happiness. When the goal feels negative, a “should” or “need”, most likely, it is not connected with your life path of growth and transformation.

After you have a goal decided, feeling love, be gentle and loving with yourself. Break up the goal into small, doable steps. Like an outline. Creating with love, these small steps encourage success and further growth.

Let’s choose a common goal.

Desiring more money. First, feel the intention. Are you feeling loving? Abundance? What we think, the emotion behind what we think attracts and creates our experience of life. When the feeling/ thought is of lack, like “I don’t have enough money,” you are not feeling nor connecting with the love and abundance of the universe. This is a great time to meditate, connect with your heart, identify your limiting beliefs, and open to Divine Source, the universe for guidance. Recognize and accept the feelings/thoughts so you are able to release them, leaving space for Source to enter, Love and Truth to enter.

Let Love be your guide.

You can then create the resolution with positive intent. Wanting more money is about lack. Feel the wording. Reframing this in a more positive way might be “The universe is abundant. I allow financial abundance to flow to me.” Feel the love, the joy, and truth in those statements.

Then, write the resolution down. Keeping a journal page is a good idea. How is this to be accomplished? What steps might be taken? A new job? if so, what steps are likely to add positively to the abundance vibration? For example, would a new resume be helpful? Feel the positive or negative vibration that goes with the thought. Positive is towards love. Let’s say this feels loving. What steps can be taken, and when might this be accomplished?

Be loving with yourself and keep checking in. A reasonable step towards accomplishing your goal will feel loving and allow enough time to accomplish it. Then, feel for another step that might be taken. Like budgeting.

Does this feel loving and true? Yes? Then what are the steps you might take that feel good and are reasonable, attainable?

In this way, letting Love and your positive feelings be your guide, you are able to make resolutions that will assist you on your path to self-actualization and your goals in this lifetime.

You have a divine destiny. As you allow yourself to let Love be your guide, you connect with the flow of the universe and all things are possible. With Love as your guide, being gentle with yourself, you will align with who you truly are, Divine Love. You have a great life ahead of you. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey.