October is the time of harvest, so why not reap your spiritual rewards?

This is, of course, assuming you have chosen a spiritual path, that you have mindfully chosen to put your connection with Source and your soul at the top of your values. It’s not a path for the faint-hearted as most may not understand the spiritual choices you have made instead of the material or power over others, of separation, that others have. You have chosen to see the wholeness of life and dropped out of the “dog eat dog” competition. You have chosen to go your own road, guided by your soul’s connection with Source, instead of traditional human values and ladder of success. You have stepped outside the norm – and what do you get? You get to connect with Source, love and joy – peace. You get to have inner joy and peace, no matter where you are or what happens to you because you see the wholeness and transitory state of it all – this universe.

Now that you are meditating, praying, learning to respond from your heart and soul, what are the benefits you are experiencing? You are able to connect with Source and be guided to your next right step on your spiritual path. You get to connect and know we are all connected and that ALL is connected in the entire universe, so that what affects one, affects another and so you treat others with unselfish love and respect, acceptance for who they are in that moment, even if they are making choices from the defensive ego.

You are one who is learning to let go of the ego, observing its struggles to survive, and while having compassion, stand firm in your resolve to connect and feed the soul rather than the ego. Be loving, kind and considerate of others – knowing that they are really your brothers and sisters and that we are all in this together. So, you continue to connect and walk a spiritual path, letting your vibration match Source’s, the ripples affecting the vibration of those around you. And those around you will either allow themselves to be inspired, or allow their ego to become defensive. It’s all good. We are all learning, growing towards self-actualization and connection with Source.

And what does all that bring? All that meditation, prayer, going inward, finding joy from the inside out, connecting with your soul, with Source, before responding reap? You getting closer to Source, your true being.

There are physical rewards you will reap also in this life on planet Earth. Chances are, your stress level is lower, emotional state is more stable, health is improved – and relationships all around are better. You handle stress better and with a different perspective, less judgment and criticism, more acceptance and going with the flow of the universe. These are minuscule compared to the spiritual rewards.

As you reap your rewards of peace, joy, love, abundance, loving relationships and more, you also reap the rewards of knowing we are really all connected, all one in love and light. You reap the sense of peace and serenity knowing you are doing your part in building heaven on earth by changing your vibration, as you attract what you can use to continue growing and learning from. Having a spiritual experience in a physical vehicle. That you know, not just believe, that we are all one and are manifesting, creating our way back to the knowing that we never were separate from Source. Never separate from love and light. It was all illusions and you are waking up. You are reaping the rewards of a spiritual life here on Earth. Keep on the spiritual path you have chosen, moment by moment and continue reaping those rewards!

Spiritual Harvest
Quote of the Month

“Don’t judge each day
by the harvest you reap
but by the seeds
that you plant”

-Robert Louis Stevenson


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