A lot of us have mixed feelings about the holidays. Being with family and feeling trapped. Realizing we are repeating the same script over and over. What if we can practice being free this holiday season, and all year long? Anywhere and anytime?

We create our own cage, and the bars are our own subconscious, or even conscious thoughts. They are stronger than the strongest steel. The only way you can break free is to change your thoughts. What are the thoughts that keep you trapped?

Look for the ones which have have a composition of negativity or fear. This includes any judgement or resentment, blame that you feel. These are the ones to transform into positive statements when you become aware of them. How do you become aware of them?

You can start by choosing to be mindful of what you say. Keep a journal of your thoughts. Just by keeping a journal, your subconscious will take the hint that you are willing to put the energy and focus to transform these thoughts into ones that will help you achieve your desires rather than hinder you. Usually these thoughts are from your childhood and are no longer relevant nor advantageous for you. After all, most of them were chosen from a child’s point of view. Some you may like to keep as they are helpful, others, you may want to re-write into something more in accordance to how you want to be, who you want to be. It’s really just choosing which programs you wish to delete and replacing them with ones you desire to think and see the world as.

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