We have all heard that “To give is to Receive.” Yet, what does this mean? It is a universal Law of Love. What this indicates, is that what we give to others, we actually receive in return… both parties are the benefactors and gain through the relationship. This is a law whose foundation is that of abundance, Love is limitless! Our true self, our Highest Self, the energy of our spirit, through our connection with our Creator, is Love. That’s what we are.

When we connect with our Higher Self and allow our Higher Self to connect love to love with another’s Higher Self, we are actually acknowledging the divine in the other, and that they are us and we are them. We are One. So what we give to others, we actually are giving to ourselves. We are completely filled with love, the energy of Love, connected with others and our Creator at all times, even when we do not acknowledge the Love connection, it is there in abundance. All we have to do is choose to connect with our Higher Self deep inside. That Love connection has been there the whole time. It’s just been hidden under the muck we cover it with, or in the box we’ve hidden away within ourselves, thinking we are making ourselves safe. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and we can forget that sometimes.

Only by connecting with the love within us can we love ourselves. And, in doing that, we can then give love to others. You can not give what you don’t know you have. When we give our Love unconditionally to others with no strings attached, letting go of all expectations, the Love within us expands and extends to others and builds the Love. Therefore, when we give our Love away, we actually increase our Love core within us, connecting more deeply through Love to our Creator and to others… everyone gains!

We are mistaken when we hold Love hostage while we wait for someone else to give us Love before we give it to them. We are mistaken when we believe we can give anyone anything other than what we have or want for ourselves. That’s what it means to treat our neighbors as we would ourselves. If we want to experience Love and peace, respect and forgiveness, connection to our Creator, these are the gifts we can chose to give others.

The Law of Love is about abundance. Yet, it is not about getting. It is about being open to send Love and receive it in return and build up the energy of Love in our lives, in the world, in the universe and beyond. The Law of Love is that we are Love, and that’s all we all are. We are just manifestations of Love in different forms. Just like no two snowflakes are the same, we all manifest Love in different ways, no two of us looking or acting exactly the same.

When we offer Love, forgiveness, and respect when we think we are attacked, we are able to accept Love for ourselves and connect further with our Highest Self and the Creator. Knowing with certainty Source has our back, we send forth Love. We expand the energy and vibration of Love. When we accept our own Love, and give this Love to others, we further cement that knowing inside and find it easier and easier to be Love. With every gift of Love, we are teaching ourselves Love is what we are, and the Love expands. This allows more Love into your experience. And this is a cycle that can become your cycle… the cycle of expanding Love. You allow yourself to experience the world literally through the eyes of Love, and your experience of life changes while more Love comes your way. Of course, Love is always here, just now you are open to receive as you’ve given!

The time for accepting Love for yourself is always now. The time for giving Love is always now. The time for connecting with our Creator is always now. Choose today to only give to others what you would want to accept for yourself. That can be Love, forgiveness, respect, peace… whatever it is, chose to give that. Chose to allow yourself the wonderful experience of learning and anchoring deep within you the vibration, the energy of the Law of Love.

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