While we can’t escape stressful situations and events, we can learn to remain calm, loving and peaceful within. We can learn techniques that allow us to have self-control while the world we experience becomes apparently stressful. This also allows us to really be in the moment, and to think. It is well-known and researched that our brains short-circuit when we are stressed. Try these coping skills to lower your stress so you can be in the moment, connect with your inner, true self and the Divine for guidance, and calm your brain so you can pay attention to the guidance.

1. Breathe slowly, deeply into your belly. Research has shown this type of breathing sends signals up the Vagus Nerve to your brain, sending the message that you are safe, and can be calm. You can find more information on mindful breathing on my tools page.

2. Meditation and utilizing the above breath, or the style of breath you desire, not only teaches you focus and mindfulness in the moment, it also allows you to connect deeply with your inner self and the Divine. For tips on best meditation practices visit this page.

3. Movement and exercise can move stagnant energy not only in your physical body, but also give release of emotional and mental tension that can keep you tense and anxious.

4. Journaling allows you to identify your stress and negative thoughts and write them down, releasing them from your conscious and subconscious mind and allowing you to work though and resolve them. It becomes a ritual of transferring all that mental and emotional energy out of you mind so you can let it go.

5. Everything is temporary. When you realize this, and that latest research has shown that 95% of what we fear never happens, you can allow yourself to let go of the temporary situation that is bothering you at that time.

6. “Can I do anything IN THIS MOMENT? If you can’t, just let it go.

Some or all of these techniques may be helpful to you in times of stressful feelings and situations. By practicing them when you are calm, you can gain the “muscle memory” to do them when you start to feel stressed, and do them more and more easily as you practice and use them. Using these techniques can release your stress and anxiety, and who doesn’t want that?

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