Sometimes clients ask me why affirm a desire to be true in the moment, when they don’t have it. They think that they are lying to, or trying to fool themselves. The reason affirmations are short and in the Now, is that there is no such thing as time.

Yes, quantum physics demonstrates time is only a concept while you are in your human body. That the only time is Now and the only place we can be is Here in this moment. That this moment is what we exist in. In fact, according to Einstein, space and time are not separate. When I reflect on this, and our knowing that we are all one, just seeing each other as separate, I think there’s a correlation. Time and space are not separate, and neither are we. Your eyes just fool you so you can have experiences and grow to your actualized potential in consciousness!

So, getting back to making affirmations in the Now. When you say “I am successful now” and your experience of the world does not show that, this does not mean you are trying to fool yourself. All it means is that you are not experiencing it in this moment. Since the moment of Now contains all possibilities of existence at the same time, there is bound to be at least one of you being successful, so the statement is actually true. You’re just not visually seeing it, and are experiencing something else that’s been programed into your biocomputer, your subconscious mind. What you are experiencing is an illusion. So, change the illusion in the Now and have your own experience of it NOW!

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