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Spiritual Therapy Explained

Spiritual Therapy or Spiritual Counseling is a rapidly growing approach to treating the whole person, body, mind, and soul. Many people believe in a higher power. Regardless of religion, people who believe a universal presence guides them can benefit greatly from spiritual therapy. This form of therapy focuses on tapping into the core belief system of an individual. Someone suffering from depression may undergo spiritual therapy and find that they are experiencing a moral conflict in some area of their life. A person who is struggling with anxiety may discover that they are sabotaging their efforts to become the person they were intended to be. Communing with nature, meditating, focusing on particular selections of music and other non-traditional techniques are often employed during this type of therapy as a method of exploring the deepest part of the self. Spiritual therapy strives to connect the body and mind with the soul and to create a sense of oneness between all three so that the individual may live in harmony with the universe. source: goodtherapy.org

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