It can be scary to allow yourself to be vulnerable, yet that is the only way love can go in and out of your heart, to be able to have a heart connection. With yourself, or anyone else. It doesn’t mean to just let yourself hang out without any protection, just take one brick out of the wall at a time. Slowly let that wall come down as you learn to trust yourself.

Trusting yourself means connecting with yourself and learning to use your intuition. Your inner self uses your intuition to guide you on your path. If you are not ready yet to trust your intuition, start by noticing your feelings. They are also guideposts to your path towards self-actualization.

Feelings are not thoughts. Feelings usually lie in your chest, your solar plexus area. You can just start by noticing if a feeling is positive or negative, then as you continue to practice noticing your positive/negative feelings, you can start to identify the feelings. Your negative feelings lead you towards ego, the positive ones lead you towards the divine, your true self.

Try it, have fun and let me know how you do.

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