Is your life the way you want it? Could it be that you are committed to it not being the way you want? For example, do you want to be healthy and go to the gym, yet don’t and find yourself sleeping instead? Then you just happen to be committed to not going to the gym. Instead, you are really committed to sleeping. You’re getting exactly what you are committed to and put your energy toward.

You are already committed to what you are getting. Just feel the truth of that statement. You always get what you are truly committed to getting. It’s the Law of Attraction. What you really put your energy toward is what you are committed to and what you receive.

So, if you are lonely and not liking it, want to change it, you are committed to being lonely and not liking it! There is something you are getting out of it… even if it’s just that it’s what you’re used to, comfortable with. This truth does not mean you have to like it! Just feel the truth in your soul. Accepting it is the first step to changing it.

Admitting you are committed to something is the beginning of choosing to commit to something else. You can make a conscious choice to change your life. First you have to be in reality with what you have already chosen to commit to, then you can chose differently.