You have the power to change the behaviors in your life that create suffering for you and your loved ones. There are patterns of thought and behavior that come time and time again into your life. You might even predict those times. Like when even the thought that work will be boring comes, and then it is. YOU helped create that and didn’t even know it. Or when you have a sinking feeling in your stomach about dinner with Uncle Erne, and things explode at dinner. You may even wonder “Why does this always happen to me?”

Your experiences do not have to be predictable! When you start living mindfully and in the moment, accepting responsibility for your own feelings and choices, it frees us to change them. Unconditional acceptance goes a long way to allowing change within. Accepting without judgement that your choices have led you to the experiences opens you to be able to change future experiences. Accepting does not mean you just go along the same path and get the same results. If you want to really grow and change your life, going inward to accept your feelings and choices created mindfulness and connection with your inner self. That part of you that long ago you abandoned to survive by being someone you are not.

Everyone had family generational survival skills that they learn from their parents. It’s in your DNA, and imprinted upon you since your time in the womb. Becoming more aware, being without judgement, allows the pattern to become discernible. Therefore you are able to look at the pattern with compassion and sometimes understanding, allowing an opening to change the pattern. You also can connect to any fears that are related to fear of the unknown. A common fear that keeps us stuck and “safe” in the patterns of our childhood.

Taking responsibility for your actions, without the judgement, is the first step in living in the moment. Just remember that accepting responsibility is just that, and you might free yourself to create a more joyful and loving life!

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