When was the last time you just took the time to stop, feel your feelings, without judgement? To be present in the moment? You rush here, rush there, there is always another meeting, picking up the kids, making dinner…. it never ends. There is a race to go faster, do more, get more, do better, know more, be more. In this world of materialistic ideals, it seems you go on autopilot and can fall asleep at the wheel, then who’s steering the car? Your life? How do you choose which direction to go?

Taking the time to “stop and smell the flowers” is not only a good idea, it can help you re-direct yourself. Especially when you go deeper and experience your feelings, letting them be your guide to your life, no one else’s. You are used to saying , doing and being what you think others want and stop knowing who you are, what you want.

Take some time each day to just go within and FEEL your inner guidance!


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