Just saw an episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey that aired on 3/16/14, channel 2. There is apparently evidence that we are connected with even the trees though our DNA. We have some of the same patterns as butterflies! No wonder that you feel connected with the universe, a oneness, when you meditate, or are even mindful. It’s because you ARE connected and made of the same material and energy, just in a different format. Free-thinkers and spiritual explorers have been and are truly in the flow, not stuck with man-made structures to fit in. We are all individual specks of the Divine. This program has even stated that there is evidence we are made of the same stuff as the stars. Imagine that! We are all stars in our own right!

If you take this a step further, and realize EVERYTHING is connected, put together with energy, and emotions, thoughts and spirit are all energy, then there will also be evidence of that connection. That everyone can have the experience of feeling someone’s happiness, relive their memories, be able to access genetic memory consciously. We will have then ability to heal the world on a grand scale. Yet, for right now, I concentrate on mindfully connecting with those who are with me at the time. Starting small and expanding.

While I know and trust my own experiences, I do find it comforting when I have confirmation of a knowing that I have previously been unable to prove to non-believers. Those who feel the need to have proof before they take you seriously. It just makes life a little easier, you know.


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