As I sit here today inside, avoiding the sub-zero temperatures outside, I have time to contemplate. The holidays, while fun and full of activity provided very little time for self-reflection. Looking at where I have emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically traveled in the past year, I realize things I want to change within myself and work on. I realize how some of my choices and avoidance of awakening has landed me where I am now. This is GREAT! I now have a roadmap and I can choose to change my destination for greater fulfillment of my self-acualization! My own inner growth.

Journaling my realizations, I made a list, then prioritized the aspects of me that I want to improve or change, like the discipline to write a weekly blog. The primary issue in this case is DISCIPLINE. That is an aspect I am willing and ready to work on. It will affect my inner self in many ways and the experience I have of life.

What if every morning you get up and state the intention to be disciplined today. That sets the energetic vibration for the whole day! Imagine what you can do: meditate, journal, be focused at work, get the laundry done. Stating it more clearly, for example, ” I am focused on my “put in your focus” today and will “do, read, etc” it at 6:00 is a tremendous focus, and chances are you will get whatever you’ve chosen done, today.

Reflecting on the changes you want to make, making a list and choosing one to focus on until it becomes a habit, is a great way to lower stress, anxiety and depression by not overwhelming yourself with too much at once. And, there is a lot of inner joy that comes from a job well done when it’s done for your inner growth, not the ego. Finding your happiness looking inward increases your ability to find and be the love, joy and peace you truly are meant to be.

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