Today I am looking at evolution. Not evolution as in our physical growth. More as emotional and spiritual growth. For centuries, we have focused on the material, I mean, would a caveman think about how to survive a sabertooth tiger, finding food for the winter, or how about avoiding a broken leg, or procreating so our species could endure. Because that’s been the focus — enduring. At first this may have been about survival of the fittest, yet became who has the most stuff. Having stuff meant, and still means for most people, having more control of your environment which in turn means physical safety. Again survival of the species.

Yet, is that enough now. I find that it’s not. That my evolution of my emotions, being guideposts to my inner self, my inner joy leads to the evolution of my soul. It is no longer enough to think of my self and my family. I believe the next step is evolving for the survival of our species for a higher purpose. Realizing we are all connected on a soul level. It is about our neighbors, our community, our world and our transformation towards a higher state of being.

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